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matthieu belin

With 10 years background of Art Direction, in 2010 he created Ubiquity Photography to devote himself to photography so as to encapsulate his experience in the service of a unique photographic idea.

"Working with images echoes my desire to understand the world around me and its people. Each element is essential in the process of capturing photos as an art form, playing with the interdependence of light, time and contemplation. Exploring consciousness through the eye of possibility, I am unendingly fascinated by the mysteries of form and the surprising secrets they can unveil."

Photographer: Matthieu Belin
Producer: Rocky Liang
MakeUp: Liao Dan
Model: Akon
Stylist: Lucy
Location: Dongliang Shangahi
LIFE magazine China
Title: Chungking Express
A narrative urban fashion vision of the amazing city of ChongQing in China

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