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urivaldo lopes

Photographer: Urivaldo Lopes
Art Direction: Fleur Huynh Evans
Grooming: Lorena Zecchini
Model: Brian Shimansky
Apollo Magazine # 5
Title: On Set
Via: fleurhuynhevans

amanda pratt

Photographer: Amanda Pratt
Model: Shane Seng
Stylist: Sharon Williams
Hair: Sheridan Ward
MakeUp: Marcos de Campo
Treats! Magazine Exclusive

Amanda Pratt is known and admired for the energetic, inspiring brand of whimsy she brings to photography. Raised in Vancouver and Rio de Janeiro, Amanda received a degree in Art History from UBC and worked as a stylist for film in New York before transitioning into fashion and make-up. Almost a decade later, countless clients have benefitted from her technical precision and creativity behind the lens. The exquisite travel collection We Are Smiling showcases her fun and ethereal sense of narrative. Currently Amanda lives in New York City, working increasingly on video projects for clients.

kesler tran

Photographer: Kesler Tran
Model: Darya
Via: Portraits of Girls

laurent nivalle

Photographer: Laurent Nivalle 
Model: Typhanie Bayol
MakUp: Gauthier Joseph
Stylist: Lisa Cameron 
Assistant Stylist: Nathalia Vafidis
EON # winter 2015/2016
Via: laurentnivalle

nicolas guérin

Photographer: Nicolas Guérin
Creative Director: Sheri Chiu
Stylist: Sonia Logerot
MakeUp: Virginia Rascle
Hair Stylist: Christian Attuly
Photo Assistant: Esteban Wautier
Models: Hannare Blaauboer and  Monica Cima
REVS magazine # 14
Title: Appetite for Atraction
Portfolio: Nicolas Guérin

Photographer: Nicolas Guérin
Stylist: Bertille Tabourot
MakeUp: Quin Huo
Hair Stylist: Jonathan Dadoun
Photo Assistant: Esteban Wautier and Valentine Arnaly
Models: Claire Fromaigeat and Philippine
TTT magazine 
Title: Inséparables
Portfolio: Nicolas Guérin

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