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nicolas guérin

Photographer: Nicolas Guérin 
Stylist: Tomas C. Toth
Producer: Sheri Chiu
MakeUp: Dariia Day
Hair: Mike Desir
Model: Anastasia Ivanova
Photo Assistants: Esteban Wautier & Alice JacqueminStylist Assistant: Adam Wilde
Schön Magazine # 26
Title: Transitort
Via: NG

manuel hidalgo

Photographer: Manuel Hidalgo
Hair and MakeUp: Susana Sanchez
Stylist: Yvone Granada
Model: Ana Moya
Photo Assistant: David Garcia
Fashion Shift # Summer 2014
Title: Bambú PRINT -

ryan jerome

Photographer: Ryan Jerome 
Stylist: Vittoria Cerciello
MakeUp: Mara De Marco
Hair: Fabio D`Onofrio
Models: Pedro Bertolini and Natalia Bieganska
Designers: Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez
Campaign: Au Jour Le Jour A/W 2014

During his childhood, Ryan Jerome was addicted to watching TV. It was his window to visualise and foresee the way movies are filmed and directed. “I never dreamt to be where I am right now” Says Ryan. He grew up exploring the world and learning about different cultures. Ryan studied Interactive Media Design, before majoring his Bachelor in Graphic Design in Switzerland.
Photography was never part of Ryan’s plan. He used to take small modelling gigs at school, where a photography student asked him to do a photo shoot. He agreed on it thinking he would be modelling, but was shocked when he was asked, on set, to take pictures of the student. Immediately, he jumped into production and created some great images of his friend. Since then, Ryan has found his true passion, improved his techniques and started chasing his dreams.
Ryan is based in Zurich, Milan ,London and Los Angeles. Along with his team of stylists, beauty artists and production professionals, Ryan has produced unique photo shoots for multiple magazines and clients all over the World.

kyrre wangen

Photographer: Kyrre Wangen
Stylist: Sator Endo
MakeUp and Hair: Rafael Guapiano
Model: Carmelita Mendes
Photo Assistants: Anthony Huus and Jose Pelegrino
Post Production: Emma / Happy Fini
Factice Magazine Exclusive, September 2014
Title: Carmelita
Kyrre Wangen was born in Aurland, a small village located in the Sognefjord, surrounded by steep mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and wild nature. Growing up in this idyllic postcard landscape, Kyrre developed a taste for all things beautiful – with a rebellious twist. After some years as a vagabond; travelling, skateboarding, snowboarding and studying graphic design, Kyrre started to nurture his love for photography. He moved to England, where he studied photography at Falmouth College of Arts, and soon he assisted photographers shooting for among others Vogue, Dazed & Confused, V and Fantastic Man. Kyrre now travels between London, Norway and Brazil, shooting fashion editorials, landscapes, portraits and documenting every day life, both in his tiny hometown, as well as in the favelas of Brazil.

carlos teixeira

Photographer: Carlos Teixeira
Stylist: Gerard Angulo
Beauty: Katharina Nitzpon
Model: Yulia T (Trend)
Post-production: Aglaia Popescu
Harper's Bazaar Vietnam
Title: Sixties Inspired

Photographer: Carlos Teixeira
Stylist: Sandra Coutinho
MakeUp: Xana Lopes
Hair: Alfredo Miranda
Model: Larice Araujo
Retouched: Alexey Adamitsky
EDIT Magazine (June 2013)
Title: Touch Me Warmer

manuel hidalgo

Photographer: Manuel Hidalgo
Stylist: Annick Turiaf
MakeUp and Hair: Manel Rosa
Photo Assistance: David García
Models: Felicia (Trends)
Incover Magazine
Title: Blow Wind

david bellemere

Photographer: David Bellemere
Stylist: Maya Zepinic
Model: Martha Hunt
Russh Magazine # August/September 2014
Title: Beautiful But Empty

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