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carlos teixeira

Photographer: Carlos Teixeira
Stylist: Gerard Angulo
Beauty: Katharina Nitzpon
Model: Yulia T (Trend)
Post-production: Aglaia Popescu
Harper's Bazaar Vietnam
Title: Sixties Inspired

Photographer: Carlos Teixeira
Stylist: Sandra Coutinho
MakeUp: Xana Lopes
Hair: Alfredo Miranda
Model: Larice Araujo
Retouched: Alexey Adamitsky
EDIT Magazine (June 2013)
Title: Touch Me Warmer

Photographer: Manuel Hidalgo
Stylist: Annick Turiaf
MakeUp and Hair: Manel Rosa
Photo Assistance: David García
Models: Felicia (Trends)
Incover Magazine
Title: Blow Wind

david bellemere

Photographer: David Bellemere
Stylist: Maya Zepinic
Model: Martha Hunt
Russh Magazine # August/September 2014
Title: Beautiful But Empty

Photographer: Blommers + Schumm
Stylist: Robbie Spencer
Model: Lily McMenamy
Dazed&Confused # August 2014
Title: (Jeremy Scott) Supersize

Me Inspired by US junk 
food culture, 
Jeremy Scott’s Moschino debut took fast fashion to surreal new heights. Read 
the designer's A-Z of Americana (with a little help from Lily 'Ronald' McMenamy)

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