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Photographer: Leo Krumbacher 
Art Direction: Gregor Vykruta 
Hair: Sascha Breuer
Makeup: Natalie Franz
Models: Liza Kei & Amy
Post Production: Retouched
Fashion Gone Rogue
Title: Scent of Hair

tim hope

Film Director: Tim Hope

Hair Stylist: Eamonn Hughes
MakeUp: Ashley Ward
Actress: Mónica Cruz
Actor:  Roy Holder
Agent Provocateur # Fall Winter 2012
Wilhelmina: Show Your True Self
Location: Clerkenwelle "House of Detention"

Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Stylist: Victoria Young
Hair: Esther Langham
MakeUp: Yadim
Set Designer: Max Bellhouse
Manicurist: Rica Romain
Model: Daria Strokous, Lindsey Wixon, Ginta Lapina, Codie Young and Erjona Ala
Love Magazine # 8
Title: Nocturnal Moth Catching
Via: anne of carversville

jeff bark

Photographer: Jeff Bark
Fashion Editor/ Stylist: Charlotte Stockdale
Hair: Rick Gradone
MakeUp: Polly Osmond
Models: Lara Mullen and Matt Ardell
I-D Magazine # February 2012
Title: Sea Slight, Gentle Breeze Sunny Intervals

grant thomas

Photographer: Grant Thomas
Stylist: Orsolya Szabo
Model: Valerie van der Graaf
Flaunt Magazine
Title: You Get the Dog, But I Keep the House

Grants interest in the more elaborate and intricate detail of fashion photography has inspired the myriad or evocative images he creates, full of texture and emotion.

Via: Jed Root

tamas olajos

Photographer and Retouch: Tamas Olajos
Fashion Designer: Ferenc Csabay
Model: Dalma Berger
Stylist: Annamaria Madar
MakeUp: Julia Nagy
Photo Assistant: David Berencsi
The Inspiration Theory
Title: My Void
Via: designyoutrust

Tamas Olajos is a young, progressive visual artist currently residing in London. 
He is deeply versed and committed to visual scenery that approach impulsive, vivid and evolving new forms. He has collaborated with numerous individuals and brands, endlessly seeking and open to new ideas. 
As an artist, he is a perseverant and passionate composer of the image. His passion is balanced with a striking eye for detail.

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