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Title: Regen-hair-ation
Photographer: Nhu Xuan Hua
Hair: Chiao Shen
MakeUp: Aya Murai
Stylist: Luis Antonio Machado
Retoucher: Camile Veillard

Title: The Girl From Ipanema
Photographer: Jenny Brough
Stylist: Jo Shippen
Model: Vika M
MakeUp: Elizabeth Hsieh
Hair: Jonathan Soons
Retoucher: Mónica Chamorro

Title: Sarah Sex And Sun
Photographer: Chris Knight
MakeUp and Hair: Sally Biondo
Model: Sarah

Title: Vapeurs
Photographer: Stephane Roy
Model: Richk Genest
Styling: Florence Abelin
Stylists: Jackiet Tadeoni & Cyam Creations
Asistante: Berénicey

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