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chris buck

Esta serie, del fotógrafo canadiense Chris Buck titulada ISN'T, me parece genial, algo así a los parecidos razonables.

"Reasonable similarities" could be titled this series by Canadian photographer Chris Buck. Its title is ISN'T and the final result is excellent.
Credits: Tiffany Claus isn't Angelina Jolie, Pavel Sfera isn't Bono, Paul Cooper isn't Bill Gates, Caroline Hodge isn't Ophah Winfrey, Jeremy Stritzinger isn't Justin Timberlake, Edward Moss isn't Michael Jackson, Hovie Slater isn't Steven Spielberg, Roby Bessent isn't Benedict XVI, Stuart Rigby isn't Tom Cruise, Chris America isn't Madonna y Brent Mendenhall isn't George W. Bush
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