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REED + RADER’s green screen dreams 
“We want to do a shoot on the moon!” jokes Matthew Rader, one half of New York duo Reed + Rader. With the way fashion film is headed, he might not need a reality check. He and Pamela Reed have worked together since 2002, and the by-product is a surreal circus in which models inhabit virtual worlds. For their latest project, Brave New World, they used the Muse game engine and a green screen to birth a digital backdrop conceived down to the last blade of grass. “We’re really excited about the possibility of building 3D image,” Rader says. “The idea of the variable, virtual camera able to move around environments.” They take issue with the status quo. “You’ve hit a nerve,” Rader pipes up when probed about the state of fashion film. “Fashion films can be cool, but most are just a ‘behind the scenes’. It’s so easy to press a button and record an HD video. We hate that.” So what does the future look like? “3D scans of people rather than just taking a picture of them. Things moving into a weird matrix future. It sounds sci-fi but we’re just scratching the surface now.”

Reed +Rader = Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader
Via: DAZEDdigital

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