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gregory harris

I founded New Zealand Space Research program (NZSR) in 1997 - which sounds better than it really is. But my real claim to fame - before I got into photography - was inventing things. I invented the V-case: a V-shaped coffin used to bury conjoined twins, water-proof cigarettes, glow in the dark yogurt, the pube crimper, and soy sauce among many more. Unfortunately, because of the nefarious New Zealand legal system and an overzealous evil twin brother, I failed to profit financially. Despite the initial setbacks, life in New Zealand improved vastly when I started the Takapuna Free Jazz Collective, an achievement I'm very proud of. 

I also perform exorcisms.

Photographer: Gregory Harris 
Model: Karlie Kloss
Stylist: Elin Svahn
Interview Magazine # october 2013
Title: Karlie's Couture

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