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carl bengtsson

Photographer: Carl Bengtsson
Stylist: Ursula Wangander
Model: Benjamin Eidem
Plaza Magazine # March 2012
Title: Modern Times

Photographer: Carl Bengtsson
Model: Henrietta Hellberg
High S/S 2013

Nygardsanna / Romson
Carl Bengtsson took the international fashion-scene by storm in the mid-1980s and keeps doing it for a wide range of reputed clients. His pictures are dreamy and daring, showing poetry and sex appeal, pensiveness and a precise eye for what’s new.
Skarp Agent

Photographer: Carl Bengtsson
Stylist: Damian Foxe
Model: Anya Kazakova
Finantial Times # February 2010
Title: Sporty Spice

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