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mariano vivanco

Personal Project by Mariano Vivanco from JUNIETSY DE MARCOS on Vimeo.
Photographer: Mariano Vivanco
Hair: Marki Shkreli
MakeUp: Niki Mnray
Models: Anne V, Steve Gold, Caio Cesar, Matt Waters, Andrej Pejic, Sara Sampaio, Melodie Monrose
Personal Proyect
Forward by Nicola Formichetti
Mariano’s nudes have a distinct aura that is very rare. The viewer shares an intimate moment with the photographs. His subjects appear strong but not victimized, confident within their vulnerability. This set of images radiate a glow, light coating each ody like a bronzed, golden or copper statue. 
We first worked together in the year 2000 and since then our working relationship has flourished. For over a decade we have done some memorable fashion shoots. 
In the search for honesty in his images, he has the ability to strip a person down to his or her essence, allowing the sitter to speak and to flourish, dressed or undressed. This speaks volumes to his talent as a photographer. I often refer to Mariano’s work as timeless, like a renaissance painting, a classic movie or sometimes a chaotic opera! 
As I stand next to him while he creates, I perhaps know how he works to realize his images; he fuels them with his life and with his soul. 
 Nicola Formichetti

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