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dina goldstein

Photographer: Dina Goldstein
Vancouver-based photographer Dina Goldstein—known for her ‘Fallen Princesses’ series—has now revealed the less-than-perfect life of everyone’s favorite plastic couple, Barbie and Ken.

Proyect: In The Doll House
‘In the doll house’ examines the less than perfect life of B and K. B is a super doll, the most successful doll in the world. Her partner K is grappling with his sexuality and finds himself in a loveless marriage. He struggles with his position in the household and faces his lack of authenticity. 

Dina also shoots for magazines and Ad agencies around the world. To see more work check out dinagoldstein.com

Models: B: Reghan Blake - K: Nathaniel Campbell - Gi Gene: Dave Pol - The Boyfriend: Stephen Kroeger
Set Designer: Jason Whitaker
Hair: Kate Martin
MakeUp: Jessica W. Noujeim and Wicky Chan
Stylist: Beverely Huynh
Video: Lisa-Wu
Via: designtaxi

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