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catherine louis

La liseuse from 1oakfilms on Vimeo.

White from 1oakfilms on Vimeo.

Passionate of dancing since she was young, Catherine (1968) became soon fascinated by photography as well thanks to his familial environment, which was very sensitive to the image. She became photographer assistant and very soon she had a portfolio herself. She has worked for clients like Guerlain, L’Oréal, Givenchy, Cartier, Dior, Rado… and with celebrities like Juliette Binoche, Dita Von Teese or Julie Delpy. Always seeking for new stories, atmospheres, and techniques, her work is in a perpetual movement, filming being a complementary way of expression. Her first film, The reader, recreates her artistic universe, elegant and sensual. Catherine lives in Paris.
Portfolio: Catherine Louis
Video: 1oakfilms

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