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txema yeste for tush magazine

Las editoriales que aparecen en Tush Magazine son realmente interesantes, al igual que el blog fashionography, en donde encontré este link. El trabajo de Txema Yeste espectacular.

The editorials that appear in Tush Magazine are really interesting, like fashionography blog, where I found this link. The Txema Yeste's work is awesome.

Photographer: Txema Yeste
Hair: Jordi Fontanals

Make-up: Victor Alvarez

Styling: Alberto Murtra

Model: Masha Novoselova, Marilyn Paris
Casting & Production: Pancho Saula
Artwork: Marcela Gutierrez
Magazine: Tush magazine 19
Title: “If I’m Evil, Why Are You Satisfied?

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